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Not Your Neighbor’s Stainless Steel

Published On March 4, 2019

Thompson Traders, masters of crafting authentic, hand-hammered sinks, tubs and accessories for the kitchen and bath, celebrates its stainless steel sinks.

Thompson Traders’ mastery of hand-hammering and finishing techniques translates well to durable, light-weight, hand-hammered stainless steel. Designed by the company’s founder and creative director, Alejandra Ochoa de Thompson, and created by the hands responsible for Thompson Traders’ classic copper sinks, stainless steel sinks speak to consumers’ desire for modern materials that not only coordinate with appliances, but also retain their finish, through recommended care.

Quiroga Apron Front Sink: Seamless construction in a single bowl, apron-front design. MSRP, $1,499; dimensions 33 inches (outer) x 22 inches (inner) x 9 inches (depth). Named for a municipality in Michoacán and close to where Thompson Traders founder and creative director, Alejandra Thompson grew up.

Villa Undermount Sink: Working hard for your kitchen – while showcasing bold and beautiful shine. MSRP, $1,249; 30 inches (outer) x 20 inches (inner) x 9 inches (depth).

Rivera Prep Sink: Your kitchen’s new best friend, Rivera features a square, flat bottom in hand-hammered stainless steel. MSRP, $529; dimensions 17 inches (outer) x 15 inches (inner) x 8 inches (depth).

Thompson Traders uses high-quality, 18/8, 16-gauge stainless steel which aids in sound absorption and corrosion prevention. The company now offers seven different kitchen and prep/bar sinks in hand-hammered stainless steel.

About Thompson Traders

Alejandra Ochoa de Thompson’s dream of bringing the beauty and craftsmanship of Mexico to American homes became reality when she and her family took the bold step of launching Thompson Traders in 2003. Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, the company owns its factory in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico where designs for sinks, bath tubs and accessories for the kitchen and bath come to life. There are masters at work in Santa Clara del Cobre. Masters in metals, in technique and in making one-of-a-kind, hand-hammered pieces of art. Every piece preserves the legacy of the renowned coppersmith town of Santa Clara del Cobre and supports the region – a vital mission to Thompson Traders.

Today, stainless steel, brass and nickel join copper as part of Thompson Traders’ portfolio, along with special finishes, textures and custom capabilities. No matter material or finish, though, every design is meticulously hand-hammered by coppersmiths in Santa Clara del Cobre. Each design is rooted in this magical place. Drawn and inspired, from Thompson’s heart. Follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.